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54 First Grade Common Core Math Assessments
Contains at least one assessment for every standard. Ready to print and use. Available at TpT and TN. $7.00

In the Barnyard - Word Problem Task Cards
These task cards are available with numbers up to 20 or numbers up to 100. Each set uses all 14 types of problems from Cognitively Guided Instruction. They contain a student record sheet and an answer key. Perfect for independent centers or partner work.
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What's the Question? Integrating Problem Solving, Writing and Mathematical Comprehension
Grades 1-3

Help your students develop deeper mathematical understandings in this engaging and challenging activity that integrates problem solving and writing.  You give them the answer and allow your students to create the story and question to go with the answer. This activity is great for use in math centers, small group and whole class teaching. As students creatively create the problems, they have the opportunity to make connections, use relevant knowledge and demonstrate their mathematical knowledge. 

Based on the following article:
Barlow, A.T. and Cates, J.M. “The Answer is 20 Cookies. What is the Question?” Teaching Children Mathematics (2007), 252–255.

Jokes for Fluency

Jokes for Fluency is a research-based fluency practice that will help your students begin to use prosody in their reading. Using jokes to build fluency is based on a Reading Teacher article by Molly Ness titled “Laughing Through Rereadings: Using Joke Books to Build Fluency.” We often consider speed and accuracy when looking at fluency, but measuring prosody is more difficult. Prosody is reading with the correct emphasis, stress, pitch, intonation, tempo and rhythm. What better way to help students build prosody than by using jokes? 

Available at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook  $3.00

Cooking It Up - Cognitively Guided Instruction Math Word Problems

These CGI word problems for grades K-2 make it easy to differentiate your problem solving. Choose your own numbers according to the needs of your students. Includes all 14 problem types.

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