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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Task Problem Tuesday

Welcome back for another Task Problem Tuesday.  This is a really fun line plot task, with "really fun" being the key words according to my students.  They really loved this task.  I introduced line plots by putting one on the board and letting my students talk about what they knew, what they could infer or discover, and what mathematical statements they could interpret from the data.  Then we headed right into working on line plots for the next two days.  This task is actually the third line plot task we did.

Science Fair Ribbons

Along with the task, I gave students copies of the size of each ribbon for them to measure.  It would have been great to have actual ribbons, but I'm not that over the top!  Copies worked just fine.
Note: Make sure to have student round to the quarter inch when they measure the ribbons. I would also suggest having them measure with a partner so they can verify correct measurements before they get to the graphing.  We had a little issue with different rulers giving different measurements, so if possible, have everyone use the same type of ruler too.

This task requires students to:
  • measure with inches
  • convert from inches to yards
  • round measurements to the nearest quarter inch
  • create a line plot 
  • add fractions
  • divide a fraction by a whole number
  • interpret data 
  • calculate mean, mode, median, and range
IMO, any task that requires students to use that many skills while you teach a new standard is a task worth doing. This task is part of my Line Plot Math Tasks, which contains 10 line plot tasks.  You can find it at TpT.  If you are only interested in the Science Fair Ribbons task, you can grab all of the pages for it by clicking here.  Happy problem solving!

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