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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Jingles: Poetry, Songs, and Musical Activities

Welcome to the ninth day of Christmas. Today everyone is blogging about poetry, songs, and musical activities for December.

I have to say that one thing I loved about teaching first grade was their enthusiasm for singing. I was a little bummed to miss out on that this year now that I've moved up to fifth grade. But when I started going through my holiday books, I picked up The Roof Top Hop and knew my fifth graders would have a ball with it too.

Clicking the cover will take you to Amazon.

I had it wrapped with all of our other Christmas books and when someone opened it up we pushed our desks to the side and threw the DVD in to teach us the dance moves. After we went through the dance moves once, we went straight on to the dancing. They thought it was such a ball. In the past I have taught it to the entire grade level, which was a lot of fun too. It might also be fun to let the students work together to make up their own dance.

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