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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Focused on Fifth: Products for Payday Linky

Today I'm linking up with Focused on Fifth to bring some of our favorite products to you. This is a product I joined up with The Ancient-Minded Professor to create. His expertise on Greek and Latin roots combined with my vocabulary research came together to create some great activities to help build your student's vocabulary.
Clicking on the product cover will take you to Teachers Pay Teachers

We took what research tells us about vocabulary instruction and put it into practical classroom activities.

There's 105 word lists to choose from and lots of different strategies and organizers.

740 × 400 This Products for Payday link just happens to be falling right before a HUGE Teachers Pay Teachers sale. They only have 4 per year and everything in my store will be 28% off, including bundles. Just use the code SMILE. To see more great products from the authors at Focused on Fifth, click on the button below.

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