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Saturday, February 7, 2015

DIY Puppet Theater, Researching & Writing

For the past two years I have been integrating a lot of nonfiction reading and research about famous Americans into my schedule between Martin Luther King's birthday and President's Day. This year I finally put it all together into one unit and wrote some biographies for my students to use in their research.
These short texts are available in my Great Americans product at TpT.
I also grabbed everything I could find in our school  and classroom library
I created some graphic organizers to help my student's organize their information and record their new learning.

In the last two years I just let my students organize their writing independently and we used our new learning to write puppet show scripts. Here are a few examples of what they did:

This year we are going to use this new writing organizer I just created. I hope that it helps them get more details into their writing which should translate into longer puppet shows too. 

This is also included in my Great Americans unit.
We'll culminate this unit with biography puppet shows. This is a student made Amelia Earhart puppet with some parent help, of course.
Amelia Earhart
I also made this easy DIY puppet theater for about $10. The front is painted black after cutting out the center but before applying the duct tape.

And last some torn paper art projects. You can grab the cutting directions for these at Classroom Freebies Too.

I'm in the middle of this unit right now and it's been so fun and educational for me too. Plus the high engagement of the students is perfect for these cold, dreary winter months. 


  1. Thank you for sharing how you created a puppet stage! This is a project that I can definitely tackle. It is amazing to me how much my second graders come alive with puppets. I love the idea of using sock puppets to present research. GREAT idea!!