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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pick 3 - This Month's Top Pins

Here are a few of my favorite finds for the month of December on Pinterest.

This is a great art project. I used her directions to complete this with my first graders last December and they came out so cute. We used watercolors instead of chalk, mostly just because I'm scared of chalk smearing. If you are more brave than I, go with the chalk. Great project with great directions!

I love this letter to Santa frame. I used it for interactive writing by writing out the letter frame together and then when we got to each blank, I let everyone fill in their own blanks.

Can you tell that I love arts and crafts? This next pin is my own creation. I think these elves come out so cute.

Hopefully you find lots of great holiday finds too! Happy Holidays from my classroom to yours!


  1. Great ideas! I love the frame for the Santa letter!

    The Math Maniac

  2. It looks so lovely. My daughter and I are making this together. So fun!