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Sunday, November 23, 2014

All I Want For...Black Friday

I am linking up with The Primary Pack for their wish list linky party. Here are a few great math products on my wish list:

I have my eye on:
  • 32 Array Task Cards from the Evil Math Wizard - I use task cards a lot in my first grade math centers and now that I'm starting to think about higher grades, I've been looking at math task cards for multiplication and division. I love that this product includes differentiated cards. She is just making it easier for teachers to meet everyone's needs.
  • Basic Operations QR Code Scavenger Hunt by The Math Maniac - I use QR codes for reading centers, but what a fun idea for making math have a little more movement during independent practice. I am thinking about the future with this product, but I hope she has a first grade version too. I have to go back and look.
  • Composing and Decomposing Numbers with Dot Cards by Math Coach's Corner - I need this product right now. I have a few students who are still really having a hard time with composing and decomposing numbers. It's time to try something new and these look perfect.
  • Open Ended Word Problems by Beyond Traditional Math - I use word problems to teach everything in first grade. My little mathematicians were surprised to find out on a recent common assessment that not all math problems were word problems. They blazed right through ten addition and subtraction problems. But last week when I taught a big develop math lesson in a fourth grade class, I realized it's time to start stocking up on some word problems for older students. This is on my list.
  • Mystical Division Strategies by Mr. Elementary Math - Recently in a math endorsement class I came to the sad realization that I have been too long in first grade because just thinking about the strategies older students would use really pushed me. As soon as I saw this product, I knew it was made for me. I love creating anchor charts with my students as they discover strategies, but I've never created a multiplication or division anchor chart and when I looked at this preview I knew it was just what I need.

These are some of my favorite math products. I love using Cognitively Guided Instruction for math word problems. These products all contain 14 different types of problems for young mathematicians. For the problem sets, you can put in your own numbers to make the problem difficulty just right for your students. I use these for small group math exchanges and for whole class problems of the day. And for independent practice during math workshop, try my word problem task cards. You can choose from sets with numbers up to 20 or numbers up to 100.

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