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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Favorites Blog Hop

Warm days, but cool nights, green grass that requires no water, mowing with only 2 bags of grass instead of six to compost, fresh apples off the tree and a backdrop of yellow, orange and red on the mountains behind me. What's not to like about fall? Here are a few of my favorite fall things in the classroom.

Art Projects
There are just so many fun fall art projects. Directed drawings are one of my favorites.
Directed drawing of Frankenstein that focuses on shapes.

Draw with pencil, trace lines with Sharpie markers and watercolor paint.
Maybe this is too much Frankenstein, but we changed the words from Witches Stew to Monsters Stew and then we just had to make monsters.
Frankenstein's Head

You can grab the cutting directions for making this project at Classroom Freebies Too.
Thumbprint creatures are always fun too. These little Halloween counting books are so cute. All the creatures are done with thumbprints or fingerprints. We came up with ways to draw a variety of Halloween creatures after starting with a thumbprint (skeleton, witch, spider, pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, vampire, bat, ghost, Frankenstein). This makes a fun Work on Writing center for this time of year. Warning: Have everyone use a baby wipe in between colors.

Nine vampires drinking

Six scary spiders

Creepy, Crawly Spiders
Spiders are a great way to start off with a little research. I love using a R.A.N. (Reading and Analyzing Nonfiction) chart to help us keep track of our spider knowledge.
Then I like to integrate our learning about spiders into our interactive writing and writing workshop. These ideas and more are included in my Spiders: A Unit of Reading, Writing and Research.

Draw the spider's body then add labels and even captions.

This is from my Cognitively Guided Instruction word problems with spiders.
And even a tasty spider! Use an Oreo, black licorice, mini M-n-M's and a little frosting as glue.

I wanted to put all my fall products on sale for this blog hop, but I just couldn't stop there. So all of my products are on sale 20% off through October 27. Plus, you can win all four of my spider products for grades 1 and 2. The winner will be announced on October 28.

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For some more fall favorites, you'll want to hop on over to Missing Tooth Grins. Happy Fall!