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Friday, March 7, 2014

Currently March

Just linking up with Farley at:

I am definitely blocking out the world when I hit play. Sometimes I just wish I could wear them in the classroom!

Can't even remember the last time I shoveled snow. Rain is my friend!

With this amazing weather, it's time for spring cleaning a little earlier than usual in those flowerbeds. I want to get that pre-emergent weed killer out before those babies start growing because I really, really hate weeding.

I really can't wait for a little more growing up to happen. I finally know why they are sent here as one would ever try to get a teenager.

Yes, I need to clean up those counters. Today a student reached for a pencil and set off an entire booby trap of stuff on the counter. Oops...that was my fault.

The answer is aspartame.  The question is "What is the only allergy that could make me give up diet Pepsi from the fountain?" The only good side is that it turns out I can still teach without my diet Pepsi. Who knew?


  1. Enjoyed reading your Currently! I am in need of warmer than usual weather. Here in Texas we are experiencing a much colder winter than normal and I am DONE!! I have to chuckle as I believe that the teenage attitude is blossoming in my 4th grade daughter and it makes me want to cry at times. The teenage years come oh too soon! Hoping it gets better for you quickly!
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  2. I am from Florida, and I hear ya on the weather! I am DONE!! Spring Break is next week and all I want is some pool weather for a nice staycation!

    Whole Hearted Country