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Monday, January 20, 2014

You Can Retell It!

This past week one of the district literacy coaches came into my room and gave a short lesson on retelling. She demonstrated how to retell a story, had a group practice with a familiar story (The Three Little Pigs) and then gave students a retelling bookmark, a partner and off they went to retell The Story of Ruby Bridges to each other. We had been reading and talking about Ruby Bridges all week so they knew the story well. But I was amazed at how well they told the story when using her bookmark to remind them of all the parts they needed to retell. Here comes my obsessive side, but I thought I could make a cuter bookmark and I did. This is a great way to help them with the second CCSS in reading literature.

Key to bookmark:
Book - What is the title of the book you read?
Compass - Where did the story take place?
Kids - Who are the characters in your story?
B - What happened in the beginning?
M - What happened in the middle?
E - What happened in the end? (The end should contain the solution.)
Author's Message- What is the author trying to tell us? What is the author's message?

Happy Retelling!

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