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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nonfiction Text Features Anchor Chart

Grab a pile of nonfiction books from the library and let your students dig right in to discover nonfiction text features. As you can see by our anchor chart, we are almost finished finding the features and trying to discover why an author would use each feature.  We still need to add some examples for the last few. This is a great activity for allowing students to discover the features on their own.


  1. Enjoy your blog. Wonder if there is any way to make the posters big enough to read?

  2. I retook the pictures today and just updated the post with the new pictures. I couldn't figure out why the other ones didn't enlarge if I clicked on them, but these ones do. Thanks for asking, otherwise I wouldn't have thought about retaking them. I guess I somehow had a smaller image, or I'm just tech challenged. Either way click on these ones and they will enlarge.